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      Education was a guiding force in Vicki’s life. She
loved school and loved learning. She knew that education
was the key to helping herself and helping others.  While
Vicki and her husband Matt thought they were on-track
with saving for their children’s education, being diagnosed
with Leukemia at age 33 destroyed all of their financial
savings including education and retirement.
      Vicki received her Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation
Therapy in 1997 from National-Louis University in Evanston,
IL.  While employed as a registered radiation therapist at St
Mary of Nazareth Hospital in Chicago, she pursued post-
graduate studies and received her Master’s Degree in
Medical Radiation Physics in 2000 from the Chicago
Medical School/Finch University of Health Studies.

    "When the heart weeps
    for what it has lost, the
    spirit laughs for what it
    has found."
                                                         Author: Sufi aphoris

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