Vicki's Hope
           This website is dedicated to the memory and
    legacy of Vicki LaCerba (Sandy).  To understand
    Vicki is to understand that her “HOPE” wasn’t to
    just beat her horrible form of Leukemia (AML) for
    herself.  Vicki dedicated her educational and
    professional life to helping others to overcome their
    battles with cancer; as well as providing those
    patients and their families with HOPE.

           Her HOPE was to be the best mother and wife
    she could be. Her HOPE was to be strong enough to
    never give up.

           By living her life, in sickness and in health,
    with love for her family and friends and a unending
    determination to leave this world better than she
    found it,Vicki had a profound impact on many.

           By reading about Vicki’s life and supporting
    the worthwhile causes that she so whole-heartedly
    supported, you can help keep the HOPE alive.

    "to those who died,
    we remember;
    to those who survived,
    we hear you;
    to future generations,
    let us never forget."
                                       Author: Elie Wiesel
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